Friday, October 19, 2007

Long time no see

Its been forever since I posted. I haven't been busy just stressed out. I swear it seems like my job gets more stressful on a daily basis. It used to be problems where the exception now they are the norm. Been doing nothing but pogo. I am getting way up there in badges though. I found one of those cheat programs for the puzzles and they took paypal so it never even cost me anything and there are all kinds of badge for the jigsaws. Yeah I know its cheating but so what. Still trying to get enough money to move out. I can't stand living here with M anymore. Still trying to get R out of my life not that its working. I have to help my aunt move tomorrow. I think thats 4 moves this year. Thats pretty low for them, of course it is only October so they can catch up with other years.
Finally found an old friend from back home on myspace. I found out she and her husband where divorcing. I never thought that would happen. Not that they had a good marriage but she was so trusting of him, I never thought she would see he was an ass. Turns out he had been cheating with the neighbor for months.
Went to the dr finally. My triglycerides are up and she has given me 3 months to get them down. She put me on an anti-inflammatory for my arthritis. Last month I had this disease known as MRSA. Now this month its all over the news as a superbug that kills people. Glad I didn't know then.


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