Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rain blessed rain

Well it has finally started raining in NC. It's now rained for over 24 hours. Its not all the rain we need but its a hell of a lot more than we had gotten for months. Greensboro, Durham and many other places were counting down the days until they would have no water so this should help a lot. Now if it would just rain in California. The fires still haven't been contained and thousands of acres have burned. They say it will be over a billion dollars in damages.
I finally got my spooky slots badge in Pogo. I am glad that game is done until next halloween. Now I am working on a badge in bowling. I hate bowling but at least its not a certain score. I only have to knock down the silver pins.
I had to do some laundry today. Found a bunch of coupons at CVS for b1g1 free 20oz vaults. I got a handful and got me 4 berry vaults for the price of 2. Coke apparently doesn't make berry vault in 2 liters. That shit is the bomb though, I have so much energy when I drink vault.
M didn't work today because her wipers quit working and she couldn't see to drive in the rain.


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