Sunday, April 27, 2008

new financial beginning

Ok lets summarize, I just turned 40, I don't owned my own home, I have no retirement savings, I have no short or long term savings. I owe about $24000 in student loans. Now if that isn't a depressing picture I don't know what is.

Long term financial goals.
1. Buy my own house.
2. save 250000 for retirement (just picking a number out of thin air, will reconsider later)
3. build up $4000 in an emergency fund

Short term financial goals.
1. look for a part time job
2. do more surveys online
3. get better coupon usage
4. save for move to another state

1. 350.00 rent
2. 100.00 car insurance
3. 50.00 electricity (I have gotten this down a good bit in the last couple of months)
4. 33.00 vonage (going to get different service in May)
5. 40.00 gym (writing letter to cancel tomorrow, will still have to pay May)
6. 42.00 Internet (can't do without, I save a lot of money be being online and its my only source of amusement)
7. 190.00 student loan payment
8. 100.00 gasoline and other car fluids but gas keeps going up
9. 120.00 groceries (gonna see how $30 a week works for us)
10. 40.00 laundromat (need to see about buying another washer)
$1065- is the grand total

I bring home $1500 a month currently so that is enough for all my bills and start saving if I stick to the budget.


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