Saturday, April 19, 2008

savings at CVS

CVS had a glucose monitor on sale for 14.99 with 14.99 in ECB (extra care bucks) back. I had a coupon for up to $30 off so I got it for free and then had the 14.99 to spend on other stuff. I then got 2 cover girl advance radiance foundations ( I had a coupon for b1g1) and 2 24 count cvs brand of pain reliever like tylenol. I used my 14.99 ecb and paid $4.xx and got back $12 and $7.98 in ecb. Each foundation earned me 6 in ecb and the pain reliever is on sale for 3.99 and you get 3.99 in ecb limit of 5 each. I then took the $12 in ecb and bought 3 more pain relievers to maximize my savings. I got 11.97 back in ecb so only lost 3 cents for 3 more bottles of pain reliever. There is a rebate offer on the monitor so I am going to read the fine print to see if I qualify even though I used a coupon.
I also got a second glucose monitor for free using a coupon I had that expires the end of this month so wanted to use it up.


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