Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ways to increase income

I have decide to see how many ways I can make extra money since my daughter and I want to move in June. I need to come up with a few thousand to pay for the move. Plus I want to improve my finances because I am now 40 and its time I was able to afford a place of my own.

1. Added Google ad sense ads to page.
2. Going to sign up at inbox dollars.
3. Start doing rebates at walgreen's again.
4. Send off for at least 3 rebates a month.
5. Added a link for revolution money maker. So far I have a couple of sign ups under me.
6. Click on all mypoints ads ( I had enough points to order a $25 CVS gift card so starting fresh)
7. Work harder at rolling all ECB at CVS.

8. any ideas?


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