Saturday, February 27, 2010

Entering Blog Giveaways

I took some great photos of prizes I have won that have already been delivered. I had to take 2 because I had so many great items but the camera wouldn't connect to the pc. Turns out that the little demon dog who lives with me and eats everything under the sun, chewed the cord into and I have to get another on. I won these prizes on other blogs and anymore its almost a daily thing for me to win something. It may not be a big prize but they are always fun and exciting. I consider the blog giveaways as enrichment to my life. Most of the time its something I haven't heard of or been able to buy myself. People are always emailing me about how lucky I am and how do I keep winning. Here are my tips.

1. Find sites that list blog giveaways. My favorite is Prizey for finding new sites. There are a lot of blogs that have link ups and list other sites that have giveaways.

2. Follow the rules and enter as much as you want. If it says to subscribe, don't lie and say you did. We do check. I personally love when they have an email update from feedburner like I do. I actually enjoy reading the other blogs and email is the fastest way for me. I will go make comments when a post appeals to me. Plus if they have one giveaway they will most likely have another and the email lets you know when to enter again. Only do the entries that you are comfortable with. I twitter, google connect, feedburner and facebook with the best of them.

3. I consider the prize and don't enter if its something that doesn't appeal to me. But now if its a prize I really like I will go search on Swagbucks and see if I can find other sites offering the same prize. I will enter everywhere.

4. I look at the number of comments. If they have several hundred and its not a really big prize that I want then I don't consider it worth trying for. I mean I have seen some sites have over 1000 comments on a prize that was worth $5. I know you can't win if you don't enter but I like to have good odds. Thats probably why I do win as much as I do. I normally enter giveaways that have less than 200 comments that offer multiple entries. If there are 10 ways to enter than its really only about 20 people in the mix so your odds are pretty good.

5. I like to enter short term contests. Sometimes people will have a giveaway for a month or more. I can't remember last week so I know I can't remember last month. Plus thats usually even more people who enter.

6. pay attention to how you are notified of the win. There are a few people (who I consider lazy) that won't email you to say you won. They make you read it on their site and then you only have so many hours to respond. Everyone is busy these days, its not going to kill you to send a quick email letting someone know they won. I usually won't enter these contests.

7. I try to go back and email the blog person once I receive the prize and I also try to comment on the blog itself once I know I have won. I will admit that isn't always true but I do try. We are all human and for the most part it thrills us when we get comments on the blogs. Its nice to know someone is actually reading it. Its so much nicer when their email includes a link to the site. I enter a lot of giveaways and I have had some emails that just say you won and I don't know the prize or even where at. I didn't do this on my one giveaway but its a work in progress and I will do better next giveaway.

Here are all the prizes I have won so far this year. (I think, lets face it I could easily miss one)
$5 Burger King Card have't gotten yet
Free Soft Scrub coupon got it in the mail but haven't redeemed yet. I can't wait to try it though because you can actually spray it upside down.
$25 gift certificate for got this in my email and added the code to my account.
Butter dish and coupons for free Grands biscuits OMG, you can't believe how good those honey butter biscuits taste if you haven't tried them. Its my newest favorite. I like the kind with layers. I peel them one soft layer at a time and eat. You just get a hint of honey butter flavor. My oldest daughter loves these and she normally won't eat biscuits except raw (shes weird, I know) but she is a honey butter fan and loved these.
Cupid Cookie Cutter I got this but haven't used it yet. I must confess to being a secret cookie cutter hoarder. There is just something about making cookies and cutting them into shapes. I think it goes back to when I was a little girl and would help my grandmother cut out biscuits. I don't ever remember cooking out cookies but I now collect cookie cutters :).
Playtex gloves I got both a disposal pack of 30 and one set of real keeper gloves. I hate nasty stuff touching my hands so these are so nice.
MystoryTimeFriend This bear is so incredibly soft. I love it. I am not sure I can give it up :).
California Cuties I haven't gotten these yet. Its only been about 2 weeks but I am wanting one so bad.
Sassafras Baking Kit I picked an Easter cookie kit (its got cutters, you know) so haven't tried it out yet. Its very cutely packaged which you could see if the dog wouldn't have eaten the camera cord.
T-shirt and Souvenior Coke bottles Ok, You have to know my family grew up on Coke. No matter what was wrong my grandmother gave you a bottle of coke for it. Myself, my girls and the grandkids are all still addicted, no nasty other cola drinks for us (you know who you are). These bottles are the bomb. They are from the 2008 olympics that were held in China. They are metal with 8 different designs on them. I am going to display these because its so cool. I wish you could see them. I have seen several more giveaways for them at other sites so google if you want a set.
Skin Authority Bath Soak This was very nice. Its a big bottle of bath soak but I would never pay $32 for it. I am cheap and while I love the feel of the tingles on my skin from the mint I also love lots and lots of bubbles. I am a kid at heart I guess. It was still a great win. My skin now knows what its like to soak in expensive bubbles :).
$15 gift certificate to Scrubz I haven't use this yet although I think I might today. I will confess that I am addicted to scrubs, soaks and anything in the pampering line. I love nothing better than to close the bathroom door, fill the tub with water and soak, smooth and lotion up to my hearts content. I love it even better when no one is standing outside the door talking to me or crying to be let in. Even the dog whines at the door and wants in anymore.
Bella Cupcake Couture These are cute little wrappers for cupcakes. I ordered brown and blue. I think the next hot dog sale or maybe a dinner at the church I will use them. I think they are adorable.
Ellie Pooh Paper This is the cutest little box you ever saw. I love the notepaper too. Its heart shaped and fits in the box.
Adding my Ing to your life Let's face it, my life isn't that great. (I'm below poverty level, can't find a decent man to save my life, I am surrounded by murderers and other assorted felons at work, the kids only come by because they want stuff, Lord this whining could go on forever) I need to read this book. Perhaps it will help.
Three Cups This is a Christian based book on teaching children how to manage money. We haven't read it yet so can't say more than that. I have gotten it but haven't had time yet.
Mcneill Designs Family Game Package This was my second win from this same blog. I didn't realize it was going to be such a big prize. I really love the wheel of chore-ture best of all :). A really neat thing was at the bottom of the letter from the maker was a post script from the inventor and he actually went to the same college I did. We love games so this is wonderful for us.
Eat Smart Digital Scales These came really fast. I won on the 23rd and got it in the mail on about the 25th. They are really nice scales too.
Shaun the Sheep Woolly DVD This is my latest win. I haven't gotten it yet in the mail cause I just won a day or so ago.


DEBIJOT said...

These are some great tips, that I follow also. I started entering contests again on Nov. 24 after a year off. I initially started up again in the hopes of winning some Christmas gifts for the grandkids. Between 11/24 and 12/19 I won $258 worth of items, including a balance bike for the youngest, an automoblox for the middle one, 2 games for the oldest and 2 necklaces for my daughter-in-law. Talk about coming in handy!

So far - Jan and Feb I have won $954 in prizes. These range from a handmade quilt to handbags and new release books.

This had become my new hobby, a great one actually, as it has no investment on my part, except my time. I will be using these items for birthday and next Christmas presents.

Oh, also wanted to add - last week my husband dropped my 10 year old hair dryer and it broke. Yesterday, I won one worth $74!

So, keep on entering and winning - good luck!

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