Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Midweek Freebies

Free Lemonheads There is a new flavor, tropical lemonheads. I used to not like these but as I get older I prefer more sour foods. I read once that as we age, our taste buds die and so thats why we crave foods that are sourer, spicier, etc.

Here is a pretty cool magazine. Its an entertainment magazine devoted only to shows on CBS. Its called Watch. My grandmother always loved Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful. It is limited to the first 50,000 subscribers and lasts for 3 yrs. Hurry now to get yours.

Sign up for spring samples now at Quality Health

I have seen this offer in a ton of places. Tide with Febreeze Due to my children's skin allergies we mostly use Tide here.

UnderJams this is another Wal-Mart sample. We are currently potty training my oldest granddaughter so this is great for us.

Nestle Abuelita I have never heard of it but it looks to be a Hispanic type of hot cocoa


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