Saturday, February 06, 2010

Then sings my soul Saturday

I was in a church a couple weeks ago and someone sang this song. I loved it. Everytime I am in a church service I have a little notebook that I write down what verses are being preached on and what the speaker said about them. That way I can study on my own. I have found it really helps me understand and remember more. Anyway lately I have started jotting down song titles of songs that are sung that really touch me. This is one of the titles I had down. I hadn't ever heard this song but it is so very true. Thank God for His mercy and grace but most of all for the love that reached out to us.


shopannies said...

love it love it the song is new to me the message it shares is not Amen to the words

Peggy said...

Blessings Madonna...What a powerful message! That's a new song to me too!
His precious blood and beloved Name however are the most valuable treasures I know and hold dear. The Heirline is new to me also!

Thanks for sharing your insights & visiting me! This is so great that we get a little of your acre of the inter net and church net too!(lol)

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