Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Find Blog Giveaways

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   The most important is how to find the giveaways and there are so many ways to find them that I am devoting this post just on finding blog giveaways.

1. Search Engine- I personally use Swagbucks so I can earn points for giftcards but you can use any of them.
      A. you can search "blog giveaways" "blog contests" or similar words

      B. Once you have found a prize you know you want, you can search for blogs offering that prize. An example would be "Totinos Prize Pack giveaway" (I really wanted the salt and pepper shaker set) this would bring up a huge list of sites (not all of them blogs) that offered such a prize. I try to limit the results by putting in the current month and year such as "Totinos Prize Pack giveaway April 2013".  Most blog contests are only a month at the most so that helps filter it to more recent results. Obviously the more giveaways you enter for a specific prize increases your odds of winning that prize. (beware that if the prize comes from the sponsor they will only let you win once)
2. Facebook- I enter quite a few that I see posted by people I follow. Also you can go to the sponsor of a giveaway and sometimes you will find posts from other folks with a giveaway for that product.

3. Twitter- Once again I will search twitter for specific words such as "Totinos Prize Pack", thankfully Twitter will bring up the most recent tweets first. Once you search be sure to look on the top left hand side of the page and select tweets as opposed to people. Most blog giveaways offer an entry for tweeting so you can find tons of giveaways just from searching people's tweets.

4.  Blog- once you have found a few blogs that do giveaways you can get really creative on searching each individual blog. There are a number of ways to find other giveaways on a blog.

A. Giveaway Heading or Listing- If the blog offers frequent giveaways, then most likely they have a header button called giveaways or else they list all current giveaways on the side of the blog.

B. Comments- If the comment has a "comment luv" button to show the commenter's last blog post (assuming they blog) then read over those to see if their last post was a giveaway. I have found more than a few this way.

C. Blog rolls- Some bloggers have a blog roll of blogs they follow. Some of the blog rolls will show the most recent post for that blog. I read over those to see if any of them just listed a giveaway. Once again, I have found quite a few this way.

D. Blog hops- Some of the giveaways are hops. Hops are basically a group of bloggers posting about a particular topic or theme. Most of the time there is one blog that is the sponsor blog and they are offering the bigger prize but the follower blogs offer their own individual prizes that are smaller in value. Usually I will enter every blog listed on the hop in hopes of winning.

E. Giveaway linkies- A number of bloggers offer a giveaway linkie on their page. A linkie is a place that other bloggers can list their giveaways. So out of one post you can conceivably find hundreds of giveaways. Some linkies have huge listings and some have a few. Often you will find the giveaway listed on a bunch of different sites.



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