Monday, December 01, 2014

End of November Recap

November was  better month for me than October was. Thankfully I was able to get a new to me vehicle. It is the mini van pictured above. It was God provision for sure. I was able to get the mini van for 1/4th the book value of it. Thanks to God, my best friend, her aunt, my supervisor, my boss and my dad who all had some part in my being able to get the van. I really love owning a mini van. I have never had so much hauling room. There is enough room for me to take all 4 grandbabies at one time.
I also bought myself a Kindle Fire. I have entered and entered giveaways and just never won so finally I decided to use some of the Amazon money I had won and bought one used. I am a bit disappointed though because I ordered it on the 23rd and according to the tracking it still hasn't shipped yet :(. I am so excited about owning one. I have wanted one for ages.
I think I have made a bit of personal growth too. Every year on Facebook, all my friends do a daily post of what they are thankful for every day in November. I have never participated and it actually hurt me to read all that gratitude because November is such a painful month for me. My baby brother Chad's birthday was November 29th and ever since he was born, the month of November has been about anticipation of his birthday. After he was killed, I hated November. I just dreaded yet another birthday and him being gone. I still miss him every day and wish God hadn't allowed this to happen but I have reached a point where I think next year I will be able to participate in a daily thanks during November.

I had a total of 12 posts for the month. I only did 4 reviews this month, I had no giveaways on my blog, I don't think I even won any for the month either. But I am back to entering giveaways and hope to do better in December.


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