Saturday, January 23, 2010

Then sings my soul Saturday and a few contests.

I love christian music and I found a new blog that honors that love. You can browse all the links from those participating and find a lot of new songs. I love doing that because it brings me songs I wouldn't have come across on my own and also because it shows a united group of people proclaiming their faith. I thought I would join and here is my song for the week. I loved Touched by an Angel. This song is a clip from one episode. It makes me cry but I do so love the song and the power behind the song.

Here are some contests I entered today.

Win a 26 pack of DVDs Once you enter it takes you to another page with a lot more contests on it. The further down the list the sooner the end date so if its going to take you a while to enter them all, I suggest you start at the bottom. These are all daily entry contests.

Book Reporter Valentine's Day Ends 2/5/10. Win a basket full of books and assorted Valentine goodies. I love books and read way to much to buy all that I love. I shop a lot of secondhand stores for books but winning is even better.

OK magazine Nintendo prize pack ends February 8, 2010. Win a DS, a game for the ds and a game for a Wii. On that note I so want a Wii. The kids would love it and so would I. I enter all contests that have one as a prize.

All You monthly giveaway This is one of my favorite magazines and the best out there for coupons. I posted an awesome order deal a few months back and I still am getting them in the mail.


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