Sunday, January 17, 2010


My boyfriend and I really liked the last 3d movie we saw so we wanted to see more of them. Everyone talked about how awesome Avator was so we decided to go last night. I thought it was an ok movie but not work $11 each to see. The 3D graphics weren't as good as in the last movie. I was offended at their choice of cuss words. To me GD is the most offensive there is and it was used a number of times. I also didn't like the pagan theme running throughout the plot. All in all it wasn't that great and I could have done without seeing it. There are 2 3D movies coming out in March and I am going to research it a little more before we choose our next one. One of them is called How to train your dragon (?) and the other is Alice in Wonderland. I do love Johnny Depp but just from the previews I didnt think it was going to be that great so we shall see.


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