Sunday, May 09, 2010

Your Responsibility as a member of Sunday School

Your Responsibility as a member of Sunday School:

1. Study your lesson. So many times we get nothing out of the lesson because we haven't prepared to listen. If Sunday School is to be a learning experience, we must prepare to learn. We ought to take Sunday School as seriously as our other educational opportunities.
2. Attend regularly. If some people attended school as they attend Sunday School, they would almost certainly fail.
3. If you know more than the teacher, perhaps you should consider teaching a class yourself. Good students of the Bible are hard to find. It's even harder to get them to accept a teaching position.
4. Invite people whom you know to attend Sunday School with you. Every business, institution, and activity must have advertising and public relations people. We do a pretty good job of informing the public of our product. When was the last time you visited a prospect , or challenged an absentee?

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