Saturday, June 19, 2010

Then sings my soul Saturday- Jason Crabb

This past week has been campmeeting time for my church. Unfortunately I was sick the whole week and was only able to attend Ladies Day on Wednesday and Friday night. Last night instead of the normal services they had a special singer come in and he also preached. His name is Jason Crabb and he is originally part of the Crabb Family. I really loved hearing him talk. His singing is a mix of all genres. Jason is a simple country boy from Kentucky that God has used in a mighty way. He related the story of when he went to California to receive a Grammy and the next day he stayed to fulfill a lifelong dream of being on the Price is Right. He is different from your ordinary preacher but that doesn't make him wrong. He was very funny and down the earth. I was so blessed from his preaching. Jason brought a message about if Satan had to tell the truth. The whole sermon was the point out how each and everyone of us has a God given destiny and yet Satan lies to us and makes us think we are nothing and it won't get any better. I think he probably has done a lot of time as a youth preacher. I bought his latest cd and these songs is on it. There is another song on it called Walk on Water that I also liked a lot but I couldn't find the video for it.


Michelle said...

These are good choices. Thanks for posting!

My TSMSS is up:

Anonymous said...

He is awesome. I hear him all the time. These are great.

Thanks for stopping by on WOW. I just love connecting with TSMS--music and worship throughout the entire place--love it!!!

I replied to your comment by saying that The Lord's Prayer in song is an old classic. It is traditionally sang at weddings too, including my own, and at many concerts. I used to hear it sang at church since I was a little girl. I hope you liked it.

Have a glorious weekend!

Karen said...

Jason has come to my church, too...such anointed words and singing...thanks for sharing these videos today...I had never seen the first one before...really touched my heart and convicted me....

Karen said...

I had the privilege of hearing the Crabbs in Ohio in 2006 at World Harvest Church. The crowd would NOT stop worshipping. The singing went on for hours. It was truly a praise offering to Jesus!

Debbie said...

What a great opportunity you had to see and hear Jason Crabb. I've heard the Crabb family sing on the Gaithers.

But the lesson he taught was so good. I loved how you wrote what you learned:

"The whole sermon was the point out how each and everyone of us has a God given destiny and yet Satan lies to us and makes us think we are nothing and it won't get any better."

That's a lesson for all of us; that's for sure. We are somebody as we abide in Christ. Isn't it awesome to be reminded and know that He loves us so much? I love hearing that. :)

Thank you for sharing what you learned. I'm a committed life long learner.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave some comments...

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