Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Grammys

Ok, I am a couple days behind but I am blaming it on the computer. I have a virus or some malware and have installed every program known to man and still haven't gotten rid of it. I need to do a complete reinstall but no time right now :(

I didn't get to see the grammy's since I had to work Sunday night. (btw I hate night shift, I can't seem to get a schedule and sleep in naps now)

Lady Antebellum, picked up five prizes, including song and record of the year. It marked the second consecutive year that a country act dominated the event, after Taylor Swift grabbed the Grammy glory in 2010.
I wasnt that fond of Need You Now when I first heard it and then after working at the prison and seeing that it was the inmates #1 song to share in letters, I really didn't like it. But now that I am trying to get over my last boyfriend, who I was so sure God intended for us to be together, the song has more meaning.

Probably the weirdest thing was Lady Gaga arriving in an egg. She is so weird, I can't even imagine what people see to like about her. It seems like being eccentric is more important than good taste. Every year the boundries get stretched farther.


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