Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Facing your giants- Book Review

I got Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado from Book Sneeze last year but then things just went badly in my life and it ended up getting packed up. I finally have everything unpacked and finished the book. I loved this book and how much it has helped me deal with issues in my life. This book is about the life of David. God called David a man after his own heart and yet when you read the life of David you see that he wasn't perfect. I find this encourages me that if I will just keep striving to put God first and do repent then He will always be willing to meet me and forgive me. Every time David took his eyes off God then the giants in his life would attack him. I love how Lucado can take words that we have read a thousand times and yet show us what they mean to our lifes and how to use them to draw closer to God. I really enjoyed the key points that were brought out such as "Focus on giants - you stumble. Focus on God - your giants tumble" One of the early points that was brought out and really meant something to me is that the giants we face are often things we should have been over but we tried to keep in our lives. For example if the Isrealites would have done as God commanded, and eradicated the Philistins then all the troubles would have been avoided. When we try to hang onto things of this world, it ends up being a stumbling point for us again and again.

All in all, I would recommend this book and its one that I will read again when I need encouraged.


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