Saturday, May 28, 2011

TSMS- Some Gave All

This weekend is Memorial Day, when we are supposed to honor those who died defending our country and our rights. America may not be perfect but its the best country I have ever lived in. I am very grateful for those who have fought to protect my rights and the rights of those around the world. A lot of my uncles fought in Vietnam.
A few years back I had the privilege of seeing the traveling Vietnam Wall and as I traced the names of those who died or were missing in action, I was amazed at how I felt. Until I actually stood there the wall meant nothing to me but seeing those names and knowing they were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters overwhelmed me. I can't find my pictures of the wall currently.
Here is a song from a few years back that really says it all.

Here is a good tribute video

Thankfully, none of my family died while serving but please never forget those who did.


Mary said...

Great tribute to our men & women in uniform! Visiting from TSMSS.

Pia said...

such great tribute. blessings...

Misty said...

Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder.


Sara G said...

Thank you for this tribute! Many blessings, have a wonderful weekend!

Thena said...

Wonderful vides and tribute.
Have a blessed weekend!!!

Janet Bernasconi said...

What a lovely blog you have and what a wonderful tribute you posted. I really enjoyed the videos and song. It's so nice to meet you. Thanks for the visit. I will be sure to visit you again. Have a great week!
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