Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facts about June

I found a new web site that lists unique holidays and observances for each month. I thought it would be fun to post some of the ones I find most interesting.

Month Long Observances

* Dairy Month

* Great Outdoors Month

* National Adopt-A-Cat Month

* National Iced Tea Month - find out how to make perfect southern tea here.

June 1st

* Donut Day

* Oscar the Grouch's Birthday
Sesame Street Character

* Stand For Children Day

June 2nd

* Radio Was Patented
In 1896.

June 3rd

* Egg Day

* First U.S. Spacewalk
By Ed White in 1965.

June 4th

* Aesop's Birthday

* Cheese Day

* First Ford Made
Henry Ford made his first operational car in 1896.

June 5th

* First Hot Air Balloon Flight
By the Montgolfier brothers in 1783.

* National Gingerbread Day

* Richard Scarry's Birthday
Author of children's books, born in 1919.

* World Environment Day

June 6th

* D-Day

* First Drive-in Movie Theater Opens
In New Jersey in 1933.

* National Applesauce Cake Day

* National Yo-Yo Day

June 7th

* The Amazing Mumford's Birthday
Sesame Street Character.

June 8th

* Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday In 1867.

June 9th

* Donald Duck's Birthday In 1934.

June 10th

* Ball Point Pen Day

* Iced Tea Day

* Judy Garland's Birthday
Singer and acctress born in 1922. Started in the Wizard of Oz.

June 11th

* E.T. Movie Premiered
In 1982.

June 12th

* Anne Frank's Birthday
Born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

* The Baseball was Invented In 1839.
* Magic Day

* Race Unity Day
Second Sunday in June.

June 13th

* Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Birthday

* Weed Your Garden Day

June 14th

* Caldecott Medal First Awarded
In 1937.

* Flag Day

* "Pop Goes the Weasel" Day

* Sand Paper Invented
Invented by I. Fischer Jr. in 1834.

* World Juggling Day

June 15th

* Fly A Kite Day
Ben Franklin's Kite Experiment in 1752.
* Power of a Smile Day

June 16th

* National Fudge Day

June 17th

* Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 18th

* International Picnic Day

June 19th

* Father's Day
Third Sunday of June. Check out my page for this special day!

* Garfield's Birthday
Debuted in 1978.

* Juneteenth

* Tasmanian Devil's Birthday
Debuted in 1954.

June 20th

* Bald Eagle Day

* Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21st

* First Day of Summer

June 22nd

* US Department of Justice Established

June 23rd

* Edward VIII - King of England's Birthday
Born in 1894.

* Johannes Gutenberg's Birthday
Born in 1400.

* June Carter-Cash's Birthday
Born in 1929.

* National Pecan Sandies Day

* National Pink Day

* Soap Opera Day

* Typewriter Patented
In 1868.

* United Nations Public Service Day

June 24th

* U.F.O. Day
First documented UFO sighting on this day.

* My pretty pretty princess granddaughter's 4th birthday.

June 25th

* Eric Carle's Birthday
Author of several children's books.

* LEON Day
Shared by Cindy - LEON is NOEL spelled backwards. It means six months until Christmas.

June 26th

* Bicycle Patented
In 1819.

* National Chocolate Pudding Day

* Toothbrush Invented

June 27th

* Captain Kangaroo's Birthday
Bob Keeshan.

* Helen Keller's Birthday
Born in 1880.

* Melody for Happy Birthday Song
Written in 1859.

June 28th

* Paul Bunyan Day

June 29th

* Camera Day

June 30th

* Meteor Day

* Superman's Birthday


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