Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday

Well life keeps going on. After much prayer and not being able to work up my nerve to tell the guy I was dating that it needed to end, I am glad to say that he followed my lead and we have agreed to just be friends. So God took care of my Abraham issue. Now my next biggest issue is my feelings for Junior. I realize that I made him the center of my life and not God. I can't manage to love Junior less but I need to love God more. I need to focus and draw closer to God and trust Him with my life. I need to depend on Him and know that He will always be there for me. Pray for me as I work out this problem in my life and work to get closer to God.

I have cooked all morning. I boiled a dozen eggs, baked a pan of chicken strips and made a huge pan of lasagna. I want to start eating healthier so am going to start taking salads to work and I like chicken and eggs in my salads so now I am set for lunches this week. Tonight though I am taking lasagna for me and a coworker. I feel pretty good about where God has led my life right now. I am hoping to buy a used trailer next week from an old friend. That way if I should move back to WV I will have a home and Amanda will always have a place to live. Its not my dream home but it will be mine.

Check out this video from an amazing young man.


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