Monday, January 09, 2012

Back in the saddle

Well I am finally living in a new apartment in Winston Salem. I actually have internet for the first time in almost 2 months. I really like this apartment. Now I would to start getting my act together in 2012. Sadly I feel that God isn't calling me home to WV any time soon so for whatever reason He want me here in NC, I am going to do my best here. I think part of it is He is wanting me to get over Junior. I guess when the thought of not being with him stops bringing me to my knees sobbing hysterically I might get to go home. So on that note here are some goals for the years.

1. Lose weight (always on the list but I would like this to be the last year its on here)

2. save some money to buy a place of my own

3. get more fiscally stable.

4. Draw closer to God and spend more time with Him.

5. Be happy

This is my wonderful porch. Its huge and I love sitting at the table watching the birds. I am going to buy some feeders.

Love the alcove above my stove and I seriously love the dishwasher.

cute little woodstove sitting in its own alcove. I dont use it but its cute. I think I might get some wood and keep on hand just in case since I heat with electricity.

This place was meant for me. It has built in bookcases on both sides of the living room and over my bed.

I just like this fan and the wood ceilings.


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