Saturday, January 14, 2012

Then Sings my Soul- Nothing Greater than Grace

So far this is a wonderful year for me. I made my last car payment yesterday so thats $240 a month I can start saving, I now live 8.5 miles from work so my fuel costs have been cut by 3/4 and my rent is lower. I am so loving having a dishwasher, my frig got fixed finally yesterday. I just feel that my life is going so well now and want to give God all the praise for that. I really feel this is the best my life has been in a long time. I can't honestly say I am happy but things are on an even keel. I miss seeing my daughters and grandchildren. I still am in love with someone who no longer wants to be with me but I am working on getting over that. More importantly, I feel closer to God every day and am so blessed. Here is one of my favorite songs right now that I keep hearing on the radio. I bought the mp3 from Amazon yesterday because I love it so much. Sometimes when you are in the midst of the storms its hard to remember that nothing that comes against us is greater than the grace of God but I am so glad when Jesus reminds me of that and holds me in His arms to shield me from the blows.


Tänia said...

Loved this! Thank you so much for sharing today!

Tänia of Simply God's Girl

Pia said...

there is nothing too hard for Jesus indeed. thank you for sharing this very encouraging song. =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing video. God bless you.

LivingforGod said...

I had never heard this song before. Thanks for sharing this video. I'm forever grateful for God's amazing grace!

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