Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 8-29-12

Everyday Ruralty

 I am a day late with this one but I was just feeling drained yesterday. I am off work today because I have to go to the doctor and getting some x-rays done. It was so nice to wake up with the sun today. The past 2 days I have went into work 1.5 hours early to make up some time so I don't have to use so much sick leave.

 What's the last thing you baked? We are currently remodeling so I don't have an oven so I can't exactly recall what the last thing I baked was but I am thinking it was pizza. I love homemade pizza.

 What's your favorite thing about fall? I love the colors of the leaves and harvest time. I love the smell of bonfires and apples. My favorite holiday happens in the fall, Thanksgiving. I love cooking a huge meal and all the family gathers in.

 What's your favorite room in your home? the kitchen. I love to cook and everyone tends to gather in the kitchen and sit around the table. I love trying new recipes and collect cookbooks.

Who handles bill paying in your house? Since I am divorced and its just me then obviously its me, but when I was married I did all the bill paying. We used to fight about that because he wouldn't participate at all and I had all the stress of stretching funds.

Tell whatever you'd like to share with our chatting friends. Oh how wish I didn't have to work outside the home. I would so love to own a farm and live the farm life. I don't mind working, I just hate leaving home. I have always dreamed of living off the land. I love to can. I would have to work out a swap deal of some kind in order to get meat because I get overly attached to animals and couldn't ever have one I had known killed. I even cry when I drive by a dead animal on the road. :)


Patrice said...

I love homemade pizza. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Fall is the best season for me. The colors and the cool, crisp air. Apples,too! I love apples. I like the fact that the kitchen is where everyone gathers.Bills are just plain stressy!!!I'm so happy to be home. I am happy that I can spend so much time with my kids. Homeschooling works well for our family. I wish things could be different for you. I'm such a homebody now. When I worked I liked it, but this is another phase of my life. Have a good rest of the week!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I love home-made pizza, too. But, it's so time consuming and expensive. I'm getting so hungry!

Arlene said...

My daughter makes a delicious homemade pizza. I think fall is a favorite for a lot of people. Apples and Thanksgiving are 2 great reasons. I hope one day your dream comes true and you can live on a farm. We have one thing in common: I've never been able to eat meat from an animal I saw alive. Have a blessed rest of your week!

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