Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1. Americans will celebrate Labor Day this coming weekend. Do you know what we're actually celebrating? (without consulting your friends google or wikipedia, ahem) What's a project you're currently 'laboring' over?
 Growing up in a coal town in WV, there was no way to not know what labor day meant. I have seen old pay stubs of my grandfathers and after the company got done taking their part he made $1 or 2 a week raising 11 children. I think sometimes the unions get to picky and want to much stuff now days but there is no way I would ever cross a picket line.

2. Labor Day also signifies the unofficial end of summer for most of us...what summer food will you miss the most? If you live in the Southern hemisphere feel free to substitute winter for summer.  Watermelon and fresh vine ripened tomatoes. The ones they bring in from other places never taste as good.

 3. A well known proverb states, "It's easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission." Your thoughts?
 I hate when people use this excuse because in my opinion are you trying sorry for what you did if you planned it ahead of time. Forgiveness means that you are sorry for doing whatever and I just think you are not really sorry only sorry that you got found out.

4. Food critic, film critic, art critic, book critic...which hat would you most like to wear?
 book critic. I love to read and to get paid for it would be awesome.

5. When you were a kid, (besides your parents) who was your favorite adult?
 my grandmother raised me so I won't name her since she really counts as my parent. It would probably be Herman Williams. He was an old time country preacher and used to come see me every time I was in the hospital. I was so sick growing up that I thought I lived in the hospital and visited home. I so wanted him to be the person to perform my marriage ceremony but my in-laws wouldn't agree and I was way too young and moldable to fight for it. Now he has went on to Heaven.

6. The astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away last week. He was regarded as a hero by many generations of people all around the world. Do we still have modern day heroes? What makes someone a hero?
Last night we had a shooting the killed a state trooper. I think the people who lay their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety are the real heroes. Every time they go to work they don't know if they will come home.   I also think that firefighters, EMTs, and school teachers are heroes and don't get the credit they deserve.

7. I never get tired of __________________.
 being in the hand of God. I praise Him daily for everything He does that I am not even aware of.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
  Thinking that I am being tested this week. The doctor just told me that my blood pressure was so high she was afraid I was going to have a stroke and to not even exercise because of it. Then today on the way home from the doctors my car broke down. My first thought is a blown engine but I am praying not. My dad is having someone check it out tomorrow to see. I don't know what I will do if it is. I don't make enough to make a car payment and I have no savings.


Joyce said...

I hope your blood pressure settles down and you get your car issues resolved without too much difficulty or expense. Do you take bp medication? Take care!

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