Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 82


Everyday Ruralty

I think its been 3 weeks since I last participated, it seems like once you miss you get lost for a while.  Its a cold rainy day here in southern WV.  The mail only brought a sample for some Pantene Age Defy shampoo and conditioner plus a coupon on the same. Who knew your hair suffered from aging too.

1. Is there a room in your home that you'd like to redecorate or remodel?
2. Did you watch the Oscars?
3. How many pair of blue jeans do you own?
4. What was your favorite toy as a child?
5. If you could visit a country in Europe, which would you choose?
1. My whole house needs remodeled but I am waiting to start until I get it rewired., No sense putting in walls then having to cut around them to rewire. 
2. Nope, I don't really watch tv or movies much so not real big on the Oscars. I doubt I watched a single movie last year that was nominated for anything.
3.  Probably 10 or so. At one point I lived in blue jeans but sadly most jobs require business casual anymore. 
4. I really only had a couple of toys as a child and my favorite was a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. I still have him in my bedroom today. 
5. Ireland. I have always wanted to go there and see the green, the stones and hear the people. My ancestors are from there so that might explain the pull. But I would also like to do the whole back pack around Europe and see everywhere but if I can only go to one place then it would be Ireland.


Anonymous said...

I think you are correct on the business casual these days. I hope you get to Ireland someday.

Patrice said...

I'm a big Winnie the Pooh fan. I think Ireland would be super. Have a great week!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i would love to see Ireland. great picks this week. ( :

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