Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Memes

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This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday and Cathy has chosen funny commercials from past superbowls as the theme.

the babies are so cute in this one

This one makes me laugh everytime.

1. What is your favorite book to read with your kids?

My girls are grown now but we loved The Poky Little Puppy, One Fish Two Fish,  The Monster at the end of the Book, and Horton Hears a Who. 

2. After having kids, what body part has changed the most?
Everything. I only gained 5lbs the whole time I was pregnant either time but within six weeks of giving birth I had gained 50 lbs. I don't know what that was about. 

3. Would you ever go back to college? What would you study?
Right now I have no desire to go back but if I did I would study something impractical like archeaology. 

4. How do you close a phone call? Bye, bye bye or other?
   Bye or I'll talk to you later.

5. What is the one food that will always be your "cheat food" on a diet?
its not a food but Coke. I don't care what horror stories they tell about what all is in it, I grew up on Coke and when I feel bad nothing beats a ice cold Coke.


1. I was probably the only kid in the world who thought little people lived under the porch I used to put doll furniture and stuff out all the time for the littles. 

2.  Concord grape juice is my favorite juice

3. I never thought I would be about to change a diaper until I had my own kids

4. I have always wanted to travel the US in an RV  and see every state but I can't afford it. 


retired not tired said...

Hopefully you will be able to travel in an RV. My parents drove through the US and Canada when they retired. They loved it.

Rory Bore said...

I think it would be a very cool trip to go through US and Canada in an RV. I know some people who do it every year during our winter, and they have a blast.

Nani said...

I hear you on the diapers! I never babysat babies when I was a sitter and I told my brother he could leave his girls with me without my Mom and Dad there once they were potty trained and not before. Yep, when they were visiting Mom and Dad they ultimately were visiting me too because I lived there and I changed my share of diapers and cleaned way more poop than I thought I ever would through potty training!

Hilary said...

i never liked grape juice but love wine - go figure...

Cathy Kennedy said...

The ETrade commercials are so cute. Perhaps some of the best on TV.

Wow, you only gained 5lbs during your pregnancies? With my three pregnancies I gained 35, 45, & you're not gonna to believe this 90lbs. I always lost my weight between babies. It took me a year and a half to drop those 90lbs, though. That was very hard to do, too.

I stayed quite small for many years, then in 2006 something weird happened & I gained 30lbs without blinking an eye. I think was a hormone issue of some sort. I'm now getting a handle on that with only 5lbs to go to being at my target of 105lbs again. The one thing I've noticed the excess of skin in my abdoment and breast I would really like to get rid of. No one ever tells you this is one of the problems with gaining too much weight with pregnancies as you age. Your skin just doesnt want to snap back like it once did. *sigh*

Oh, I'm so with you on seeing the USA & Canada in a RV. That's one of my dreams. =D

Thanks for linking up on Friday Sillies, my friend! Have a good week.

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