Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superbowl Review

Well the Superbowl is over and it was a wild ride in the second half. We had a new record set 109 yard touchdown and then the power outage. I swear they used to the power outage to sneak the 49er's in the game because the team that played after the outage was not the same team that was in the game before. I totally hated the half time show. Everyone talked about what a great dancer Beyonce was but my issue is she is a singer not a dancer. She didn't sing, if she would have had a live mike and clapped her hands there would have been noise. I feel the singing was pre-recorded.  My favorite part as always was the commercials and here are my favorites. Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, great game.

Most Touching

Funniest was a tie for me. I loved the Taco Bell retirement home but the Tide stain commercial was too good.

Best Tribute.

Best Music- this was my favorite song back in the day.

Best Use of a Former Superbowl Winner

LOL Moment

Worst Commercial of the entire show

And not to forget Twitter

Most Ironic Tweet of the Game

But you know living in WV I have to put my own spin on the power outage


bp said...

We watched parts of the game. I did not see the farmer commercial but after the fact so many people had posted it on FB that I watched it there. It seems so many of the commercials are violent I noticed now.

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