Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's good today

Its a beautiful sunny day here in southern West Virginia. It is supposed to get to the mid 40's. Yesterday it was in the lower 50s. I hope this warmer weather is here to stay and its the end of winter. I love the snow on the trees but hate being cold.  I have prayerfully found an engine for my car. Its at a junkyard about 2 hours from here so I submitted a request to see how much shipping would be to my house. Hopefully it will all work out and I can have it be Friday and can get it put in my car. I am so tired of not having a car. Then I am going to the local temp agency and see if they can find me some work. I need some sort of income.

Game Giveaway of the day is called Rolling Spells- This offer ends at midnight on Feb 24th 2013. I downloaded it and activated it but haven't played yet.

My Favorite Ebooks of the Day (these were all still free at Noon)
The Cat Manual- saw this ebook offer and had to get it since we have 3 cats. Its a book of humor.

Smitten at First Sight- this is a Christian contemporary romance book.

Adventures in Funeral Crashing- this book is geared towards YA but I read it and really enjoyed it. It was well written and I liked the characters a lot.

12 Types of Chickens that Lay Lots of Eggs- I always dream of homesteading so enjoy books related to. My favorite chickens are the Buff Orpingtons because they have the feathers on their legs like little boots.

Fancy Gap- this is probably more intense than I normally read because its a thriller and I am a coward but I got it because I have driven through the Fancy Gap VA area so many times. Its a horrible section on Interstate 77 if its foggy. I have seen traffic tied up for hours there. There are always multiple car pile ups because you can't see a foot in front of you sometimes.

Courageous -I can't wait to read this one. I still haven't gotten to see the movie but the movie was created by the same folks as Fireproof. This is a Christian book about men who are heroes and dads. Speaking of heroes, my exhusband became a hero this week. His neighbor's house caught on fire about midnight and he was the person who woke them up otherwise they would have died. The house was already pretty engulfed. Please pray for them as they are elderly, the man has cancer and it was a total loss. It is hard to reconcile my image of my ex to him being anyone's hero though.


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