Friday, January 30, 2015

Get Serious about Health

I dabble with losing weight. I try stuff that helps a bit and for whatever reason I quit doing those things. But the time has come to get serious about losing weight. Went to the doctor this week and my A1C levels are 6.4 which is prediabetes, my triglycerides were 350 (although my other cholesterol levels were optimal, and my blood pressure keeps going up. It was 172/100. I went on blood pressure medicine even though in the past I have refused to take it. It is a mild pill with a diuretic in it. I must have had a ton of fluid on me since in 2 days I have lost 10 lbs.

Thankfully God has already led me to a bible study group based on the book Made to Crave and I have started making progress on overeating. I have had this book for ages but its hard to do a bible study and dig in deep by yourself. I feel though as this time I will be able to finally get past this hurdle and lose weight.

One huge challenge for me is exercise. I have gained so much that with my health issues I hurt so much that moving isn't a good thing. So I think I will order myself a dvd on Amazon of easy exercises to start with.


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