Thursday, January 22, 2015

Year in Pictures- Week 3

Its been a busy week so most of my pictures seem to be of businesses.

1-14-15 Wednesday 
Using my Kroger card points, I was able to get gas for 1.859. I haven't paid so little in years. And it has dropped another 10cents since then.
 1-15-15 Thursday
A customer brought this 1963 Corvair to put in storage. I hadn't ever seen one in person. It was beautiful.
 1-16-15 Friday
Had my new tires put on the mini van finally
1-17-15 Saturday
A customer at the mini storage gave me this tv

1-18-15 Sunday
Just opened a package from Purex. This is going to be a new giveaway on the blog in a week or so
1-19-15 Monday
I was feeling so much better that I took the opportunity to visit my BFF. I hadn't been to see her or her little dog all year.

 1-20-15 Tuesday
I had to run errands in Beckley today so my oldest and I ate out.


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