Friday, January 09, 2015

Year in Pictures- Week 1

I love to take pictures even though I don't have one of those fancy digital cameras. Mine is a little cheap $79 job but it works for me :).  I thought I would take a picture a day this year and see what it looks like in review. I hope you enjoy these posts too.
I took this picture when my oldest and I went to Target on the first. We had never seen a pink portapotty so couldn't resist :)

The beautiful WV state capital. Its painted with gold leaf on the dome. 

We went to a local restaurant and I saw this on a wall in the parking lot. It looks like the head of a storm trooper and I thought it was neat. 

Some idiot at my local Rite Aid who obviously can't park. 

Great deal I got at CVS.  Went to the eye dr this week and she recommended Sustain as her favorite brand of lubricating eye drops. 
2 Sustain lubricating eye drops on sale 9.49= 18.98 get $5 ECB when you buy 2
2 coupons $5 each in Sunday's SS
18.98-5 ECB (from last week)- 10 coupons= 3.98 plus I got a $5 ECB back. Not bad considering the Sustain is normally 14.99 each.
The start of next Christmas that I got on clearance. Everything was 1.50 or less. (the candy is to eat now, not saving it until next Christmas). 


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