Sunday, January 16, 2005


I have been super busy with work and life lately. Someone I used to date but have vowed to not have in my life anymore just keeps popping up. I have tried my best to not be mean but somehow he just brings it out. Over means over. I went to a local bar with my aunt Friday night, it was an ok time. At least I got out of the house. Mind you not one guy talked to me there
All that got me thinking of my past and men I have loved. I think humans should have some instinct that would make you not fall in love with someone who doesn't love you back. It would be nice and a lot less painful. Sometimes, I wonder how you can love someone so much that it feels like your soul is torn apart without him and yet you are nothing at all to him. Thankfully I have only loved one person that much and I don't plan on ever feeling like that again. So that explains the melancholy heading. I think possible I just don't want to try and fail again. But life is about trying. When you quit trying you are dead. I guess its a wait and see game.
Motley Crue is coming to NC and the concert is already sold out. My daughter burst into tears at the news. She loves Tommy Lee. I wonder how much scalped tickets would cost. I think I will try to win some off the radio.


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