Sunday, January 09, 2005


Yesterday I drove to Mocksville to visit my cousin. I managed to get lost twice and then she wasn't even home. On the way back a truck that was pulling a tractor wrecked in front of me and almost hit me while flipping. It was really scary. I slammed on the brakes and smoke flew from them. The boy behind me started fishtailing and I knew he wasn't going to be able to keep from hitting me so I got all the way over to the guardrail. He barely managed to keep from hitting the car in front of me. I came home intending to not leave the house again since it was a bad car day obviously for me. But someone called in sick at work and I went in since that will give me 15 hours of overtime this week.

I went out and bought the sunday papers so I could have the coupons but now I know to not waste my money buying the Mt Airy paper. It doesn't have coupons in it. I saved about $5 last week using coupons and I sent in rebates for several items. I need to get one more receipt and I will have completed the $10 pepsi rebate. I am going to save all my rebate money and I am also getting a lot of items that they have for sending in upc's. Those will be xmas presents this year. I have several for t-shirts that I need to get upc's for.

I called my best friend Debbie in WV today. It was good talking to her. I really need to work on making more friends here. A friend of mine out here had her baby a couple days ago but the baby died. It was so sad. I know her mother is devasted. This was her first grandchild and she was really looking forward to spoiling her. Sometimes life can be so sad. I have been sad myself because I miss Randy but I know getting him out of my life was the best thing for me. I just mostly miss him because now I have this empty space with nothing to fill it with. I seem to spend all my time at work or online. Hopefully when I start working 2 jobs I will have enough money to finally go do a few things.


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