Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pretty good day

My boss called me this morning and asked if I would fill in at another store on my days off from my store. I said yes since it will be over time for me and I will be making $12 an hour. I can find a temp job later on after they don't need me to fill in. I also got a check in the mail for $26 for a mystery shop I did in Dec.
I went shopping at Eckerd's and bought a few things to complete a rebate offer. I got 2 colgate totals (with free toothbrushes attached) and a bottle of palmolive and ajax dish liquid. After coupons, it cost me $3.25 and the rebate is $10 so I will have made a profit. I went by the library and they were having a book sale. I got 4 Janet Evanovich books for $1.00. She is one of my top 10 favorite writers so I was really thrilled with this one.
I have done pretty well dieting today but my feet were killing me after work and then going shopping so I didn't walk. If I get to feeling better this evening I might go walking. But all in all its been a good day.


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