Wednesday, January 19, 2005


      It's snowing here, but its not supposed to stick. I hope not because I have to drive to Winston for Mandi's interview. I got a call this morning from someone asking me to do an hour merchandising job tomorrow. I said yes. That makes 1 merch job and 2 mystery shops this week; I am supposed to do. I hope the temp agency finds me something good tomorrow. I get so tired of the store taking me for granted. A woman there complained because I wasn't closing but one night and I am supposed to do 2. My manager made it so I started doing 2 and I said nothing but now that woman isn't closing any for the next 2 weeks. She is supposed to do 2 also. It seems like I get crapped on all the time and I am always the one who does what they want.
      I did some freebies yesterday. Here are the links.
Free one-year subscription to Dream Network Journal
Each issue of the Dream Network Journal explores the power of dreams and their interpretations, symbolism and mythology. You will also find extraordinary dream inspired art and poetry. You have to qualify for this one.
subscribe here

Free "Princess And The Pea" DVD
The "You are a Critic" program is designed to give you a voice in the kind of movies produced for your family. As producers of values-driven family entertainment we will analyze and consider your input. This will help us develop and produce inspired stories-on-film that meet the desires and needs of your family.
By participating in this program, you will be sent a free, one-time screening of a film on DVD, and later be asked to critique the film on the Internet, allowing your voice to be heard.

sample tide coldwater

Playing cards from absolute vodka age 21+ here*sign up, confirm from email and then click on texas hold em. You can also get an absolut poster. cards


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