Monday, January 10, 2005

Web Sites

Yesterday was the only day I have actually not had to work within a 2 week time period so I spent the day doing nothing but relaxing. I read and surfed the web a lot. I found some sites I thought were pretty neat so I will share them.

Wikipedia This is a really cool encyclopedia. I had a blast looking up different things.

Satisfacton Services This is another mystery shop site. I would like to do more shops than I am doing now.

JavaScript Source There are some very fun codes here to add to your webpage.

Preparing for College Mandi is going to start this fall so this was a helpful site.

I joined a whole slew of newsgroups on a variety of topics. But today it is back to the daily grindstone. I have to close one store tonight and then open at my regular store in the morning. I will have to make myself go straight to bed so I can get up at 3:30. Tomorrow I am going to the temp agency so I can get registered and do all the paperwork so that by next Monday I will be ready to start working.


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