Saturday, April 04, 2015

Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

Product Description

ONLY ONE INGREDIENT - 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil - No Fillers. The Highest Quality carrier oil available. 16 OUNCE BOTTLE!

ODORLESS, NON-GREASY & COLORLESS - This wonderful fractionated Oil is always Liquid, Odorless, Colorless, Non Greasy & Non Staining

BEST CARRIER OIL for Massage, Therapeutic Recipes & Essential Oils. It also has natural antioxidant and disinfecting properties and does not clog pores. It is an extremely versatile oil that can be used for making anything from bug repellent to hair serum.

VERY LONG SHELF LIFE - Does not go rancid and can also be used to prevent other oils from going rancid

My Thoughts

Any long term readers of my blog know that I love to mix up lotions, scrubs, salves, etc.. I have used regular coconut oil but it is hard and in the winter you can't get the stuff to melt enough to make a scrub or something like that. Fractionated coconut oil is always in liquid form so it stays soft. If you need a salve or something that is a little harder you need to add something like beeswax to the oil. I love that there is no smell, which is a huge benefit when using essential oils. Sometimes when I have used almond or avocado oil it changes the smell of the essential oils and I don't like it. I decided to use this to make a sugar hand scrub because I am getting ready to do some repotting of plants and I can clean my hands with this afterwards.  I prefer sugar to salt because salt is harsher to skin
Coconut and Lavender Sugar Scrub For Hands
1/2 cup fractionated coconut oil
1/2 cup granulated sugar -I like my scrubs to be a bit gritty. You can use less sugar for a softer feel
1/4 teaspoon  lavender essential oil 
2, 400 IU soft gels of 100% Vitamin E

Mix the coconut, sugar and lavender oil in a jar use a needle and poke a hole in the vitamin E gels and squeeze the oil from those into the sugar mix. Stir until the sugar is saturated with oil. I keep mine in a jar and this amount lasts me about a month if I use it several times a week. This softens my hands, gets the dirt off and also soothes any knicks or scrapes. 

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