Friday, April 24, 2015

Invivo Essential 4 Ounce Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

Product Description

SAVE MONEY! Mix this top rated unscented base with your expensive organic essential oils to save them from going rancid, making them have a long shelf life. Blend with strong essentials like peppermint oil to prevent burns. Odorless, colorless, completely clear. Stays liquid at room temperatures, not just above 76 degrees like raw cold pressed oil.
GET CREATIVE - Make beauty products at home, like homemade hand cream, conditioner, soap, lotion, makeup, body butter - better than a spa mask. Put into a diffuser, spray or roller bottles for aroma therapy. Soothing lotions absorb quickly and won't clog pores or leave you feeling greasy.
RELAX - Try our product risk free now! You are sure to be completely satisfied with your purchase with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Amazon prime eligible. Our big discount this month means a low price, which is why you should add our fractionated coconut oil to your cart right now.
BENEFIT - 100% Pure Cocos Nucifera in a large 16 ounce amber bottle with an adorable label :) You're not just buying a premium oil you're buying its health benefits - loaded with antioxidants and MCT triglycerides for healing psoriasis, acne treatment, eczema, rash, even add to energy booster essential oils as part of your weight loss management program along with diet and exercise.
AMAZING - You'll find a variety of uses for this miracle plant extract! It's safe and gentle enough for your baby and the whole family - men women cats & dogs too! From sensual couples massages, to a sexual lubricant, even oil pulling. That's right - clean teeth, fresh breath, the absolute healthiest mouth. 4 oz or 16oz size. Buy this oil today and start really relaxing tomorrow.

My Thoughts
I decided to use this as an after shower oil to spray on my skin and rub in. The oil soaked into my skin and didn't leave a greasy residue on the towels or my clothes. This is also a the perfect carrier oil if you want to stretch out your essential oils. I liked the smaller size of this bottle because it makes it perfect for traveling and not having to lug a giant bottle of oil or else put the oil in another container and make a mess.

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