Saturday, April 18, 2015

Funny Fibro Fog Story

I am going to start focusing daily on improving my fibromyalgia because I am tired of being in pain and it seems like my fog is getting worse. Here was todays funny that happened to me

Well its official. I have finally lost what little mind I did have.
I got to work this morning and when I pulled up in front of the office building I couldn't find my keys. I checked around my waist because I clip the keys to me (remnant of working at the prison) then I think they might still be on my purse. I always clip them to my purse but I thought maybe I had put them inside. Took everything out, no keys. Then I am afraid when I looked the office door I left the keys inside yesterday. Then I think maybe somehow they came unclipped and were on the couch at home where I had set my purse down when I got home yesterday. I am getting ready to drive back home to frantically look for my keys when finally it dawns on me that I have to have the keys on me because at this point I have already unlocked the gates and the outside doors of the place, otherwise I couldn't be in front of the office building smile emoticon. Yup, crazy


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