Monday, April 27, 2015

Love Stinks Book Review

About the Book
Robin Wagner has had it with that silly little thing called "love." Who needs it? Not her! She already made that mistake once and had a lousy ex-husband and thousands of dollars of debt to show for it. Robin's friends and family think she needs to try again, so Robin decides to give internet dating a try. Before she can weed through the losers and find someone new, an old friend from her past shows up on her doorstep...literally. Luke Everman was the life of every party back in school, but the scarred Army veteran that shows up to fix her wiring is a different man with wounds both emotional and physical. Will Robin be able to take a risk on giving her heart again or will she settle for someone else who isn't a danger to her heart? Robin never can seem to do things the easy way, and love is no different. No matter which way she turns, she can't avoid the simple fact that love stinks!

About the Author
Paulette Oakes is a married mother of three lovely daughters that give her gray hair daily. She's lived in Kentucky her whole life and loves her state and the people in it...most of the time.She is an avid reader and has been writing on and off since she was 12 years old and has wanted to be an author forever. She started by publishing her first ever book, "The Garden of Good and Eden" in September 2013 and she couldn't be more excited! She loves to write paranormal/fantasy fiction mixed with a dose of reality, but she also has some contemporary romance novels, too. More than anything else, She just wants people to enjoy her book and love the characters as much as she does. She loves when readers give her honest feedback in reviews, even if it is just a sentence or two. If the majority of readers enjoy her books, that will be the real measure of her success as a storyteller.

My Thoughts
When I read romance I prefer the comedy variety. What is love if not a big joke played on us? :) Robin is just the sort of person I like. She is smart alecky, cheeky and fun. I loved her revised dating profile. Online dating would be a lot easier if everyone put honest answers like that.  And Luke, what's not to love about a sexy studmuffin who happens to be a veteran? I really enjoyed the book but it was a bit over the top with the crude language which added nothing to the book and the constant sexual references. If the book were tamed down a bit then I would totally love it.

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