Thursday, April 02, 2015

Momma Bear Baby Gender Reveal Kit Review

Product Description

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Being a parent is awesome. But, deciding to start a family was the easy part! Now that you're pregnant, there are a million things to do, each more important than the last. Wouldn't it be great to cross at least one of those items off the list with certainty?

With Momma Bear's Baby Prediction Test, you'll find out with certainty whether your new bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl. It's easy to use in the comfort of your own home, it's accurate, and it only takes 2 minutes of your hectic schedule! Wouldn't it be great if coming up with a name that everybody likes was this easy!

Thanks to Momma Bear Baby Predictor Test, not only will you get reliable gender results in minutes, but then you can begin crossing other items off your to-do list as well: the color of the baby's room, gift registry, the child's name, baby shower theme, whether you would like your next child to be a boy or a girl, clothing options, Christmas and birthday gifts, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, what age the child will be allowed to start dating!...and more!

Momma Bear's Baby Gender Reveal Kit was scientifically designed for exceptional reliability, and parent tested for simplicity and ease of use. Feel free to compare our features, results, and value with IntelliGender® Boy or Girl Gender Prediction TestTM - I'm positive you'll see the clear benefit of what we offer and the results you'll get. 

Momma Bear is the gold standard of gender prediction tests for a reason - we give parents exactly what they need to move forward with confidence! Sorry we can't help you decide whose parents get to use the spare room and whose parents get the couch during the holidays If there's a prediction test for that, please let us know!

My Thoughts

My youngest daughter is pregnant and we are excited to know what she is having. She has had 1 boy and the rest are all girls. The dad is swearing its a boy and all of us are saying its a girl so this was a neat review for me. The gender reveal kit says she is having a boy. I will let you know once the baby is here if it is right or not. There is a 50/50 shot its right but by the same token there is a 50/50 shot it's wrong. On the plus side there is the issue that even ultrasounds have been wrong so nothing is 100% accurate. The test was quick and easy to figure out. My only issue was that it came in a plain bag not the cute box shown in the pictures. I think for the price a cute box wouldn't be too much to ask.

Are you expecting and want to know what you are having? Order your kit from Amazon today.

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