Saturday, April 04, 2015

Super Bright 11 LED Hat Clip Light Review

Product Description

This incredible LED Visor light allows you to work hands free under even the darkest conditions!
11 Super bright LEDs light up your workspace regardless of the activity.
Attaches to cap for the most practical, hands-free light source available
This LED cap light is designed for fishing, biking, camping, hiking and anytime you need bright illumination
11 Super Bright LED Lights
Securely attaches to brim of hat or visor
Work mode: Constant Lighting
Illumination distance: 5m
Weight: 30G
Color: Black
Power: 3 PC AAA Battery (Not Included)
Size: 90 x 60 x 17 mm
Retail Packing:Blister card Packaging
Packaged Included:
1 PC 11 Light Bulbs LED Cap Light

My Thoughts

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love love love flashlights in all forms. This is the perfect lightweight version of a headlamp for your hat. It does not weigh down your hat because it is so very light, It requires 3AAA batteries(not included) and has an easy to use on/off switch located on the bottom facing down. Its like an unwritten law around here that men wear caps. lol.  The first time I saw a hat clip light was on a truck driver's hat in NC. I thought it was so neat and made such a big deal about it that he brought me one the next time he came to the factory. My son in law is taking classes to be an electrician and he has to get in some dark places, under houses, in attics, closets etc.... I am giving him this light because it is the perfect hands free light for him to use and be able to work in all those spots safely. This little light has adjustable settings so you can pick the amount of light you need, By wearing it on your hat you free up your hands for working and can make sure the light is shining where you want because the light is right over your eyes. I love this little hat clip light.

Buy one (or several) for yourself today on Amazon. Father's day is coming up and these make great gifts.

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