Monday, June 08, 2009

6/5/09 Weekend update

I was pretty busy this weekend. I spent all Saturday morning trying to get my car worked on. I tell you, everyone around here assumes you get some kind of check and don't work because you can't get any work done on the weekend. So basically my car is still broke and I don't have the slightest idea whats wrong with it. Then I went to Kroger's and bought a ton of chicken. They had chicken breast on sale for $1.99 for boneless, skinless breast so I bought about 10 packs. I really like chicken and I love bar-b-que chicken and since I have so much bar-b-que sauce this is perfect. Plus its a good diet food. I did do my 30 minute walk on Saturday morning but just couldn't get the energy up for Sunday.
I went to the boyfriend's house Saturday and played with the kittens and checked on the baby chicks. They are growing huge. These are brahma chickens. Mostly my boyfriend likes golden comets but since I like the brahmas he got about 20 of them also. He bought 50 golden comets and 20 brahmas last month at Southern States I like the brahmas because they have feathers on their feet. I really like the cochins and the silkies.

Sunday I went to church and my oldest daughter showed up so afterwards we went to town and bought a few supplies because I have a friend that had a baby and we are all taking diapers to her. I thought I would get a little dressier than just plain diapers so Mandi and I made her a diaper cake. We also made one for a woman I go to church with that has a friend who needed some help with her baby. The second one turned out better since we had some practice. I hadn't ever made one before but they weren't too hard. These were plain with just diapers but you can also add bottles and stuff.

Then the boyfriend called and I went to the flea market with him and his parents for a bit. I got his dad a hat that says God is good all the time. I got his mom a water pitcher. I got this book for myself. I love Anne Geddes work. So I was pleased with the book. It cost me $4.

Then it was back to church for evening services.
My sister has a site for us and our weight loss journey. I will be posting over there this evening and going to set up a link to the site from here.


Lisa Beth said...

Those chicks are so cute. The boys absolutely love going to Tractor Supply to see the ones they have. They had little ducks the last time we went. I would love to live some place to where they could have gotten some.
The diaper cakes turned out really nice. I can't do stuff like that.
I hope you can get your car fixed soon. Are you able to get to and from work?

Madonna said...

I like the baby ducks too. The diaper cake is super easy. You just roll the diapers up and form them into the layers with rubber bands. Just google it and you can find a lot of pages with pictures on how to do it.
The car is drivable but hopefully a man from church can work on it this weekend. I have to ask him this evening.

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