Sunday, June 14, 2009

End of the weekend update

Here is a freebie to start us off.
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Saturday I got up and discovered I had no phone, cable or Internet. There was an outage around midnight and it didn't come back on until about 2pm. So since I couldn't be online I went and did laundry, then came home and cleaned my whole apartmant and rearranged the bedroom. Amazing how much I can get done without the Internet :). Then at 2:30 I went to a celebration cookout at church for out of school. It was loads of fun. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and the food. There were sack races and horseshoes to play. The men in the church also did a sack race and the preacher fell and his glasses cut a little spot on his nose, the winner of the race fell into his vehicle and put a dent in it. The things men will do to win :).

Then I had to leave there to go to a housewarming party for a couple at my church who built their own house. Its absolutely beautiful. Here are a couple of signs they have hanging on each side of the bedroom wall. One says "the best things to hold onto in life is each other" and the other one says "always kiss me goodnight".

Then my boyfriend and I went to see Land of the Lost. I was expecting the see a movie based on the tv series I grew up watching. This is not it. I am not a Will Ferrel fan and the humor was off color in several scenes. I should have been more responsible as a Christian and investigated better before we went to see it.

Today after church the boyfriend and I went to a flea market and they were having an antique tractor show. Here are a couple of them.


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