Saturday, June 06, 2009


I haven't really being online look for deals lately. Of course if I find some then I will post them. I have still been thinking of my friend who took his life. As I struggle to see any good come from this, I realize it has enriched my prayer life and my concern for others. I don't ever want another friend of mine to feel as though they have nothing to live for. Every single day I start the day by calling the name of each and every person who attends both the churches I go to, then I move onto people I work with, friends and family. I don't have a generic "God bless everyone I know", I mention each and every person and picture them in my mind and I ask God to minister to whatever needs they have in their life for that day. Some I know need salvation, some need healing, some just need a touch to bless them. While I may not know what they need, I serve a God who knows exactly what they need. I want to be a light to the world surrounded by darkness. I truly believe God is preparing to end this time as we know it and I want everyone I know to be ready for that. I know I would rather someone ask God to bless me personally by name then to just say bless everyone I know. I want to lift up in prayer these people and help them through their day.


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