Friday, June 05, 2009

Weight Loss

I read someone's blog this morning and she was talking about losing weight. I have been thinking for years how I need to lose weight but haven't done anything about it. Her blog for some reason hit me and thats going to be my main goal for the time being. I have been overweight my entire adult life. I mean seriously overweight, not 10-20 lbs. I want to lose 122 lbs as you will notice on my ticker on the side bar. I am starting today. I will update the ticker every Friday. I went to the park below my house and walked 30 minutes this morning. I am going to force myself to get stirring a bit earlier every day and walk 30 minutes every morning. I have a job where I sit all day long. I sometimes get up to go to the restroom but thats about it. On my maternal grandfather's side of the family, bad knees are the norm. I have a number of aunts with knee problems and I know weight makes it worse but one of my aunt's hasn't ever been real big and her knees are bad so thats not the only factor. I think it will really help my knees though if I lose weight. So here it goes, everyone wish me luck and stamina :).


Lisa Beth said...

Ok I am totally blogger clueless but how did you get that weight loss ticker on there? I think I may get me one and join you on this. For real this time lol. I keep saying I am going to lose weight but never do. We can be one another support system :) Are you going to keep a weight loss journal/blog just for this? I think I may start one just for that. Do weight loss tips and all that good stuff. Not like I have any good ones or anything, if I did I wouldn't need to lose weight lol. I will email ya more later on. Good luck!

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