Sunday, March 03, 2013

Free Computer Software and some inspiration

My children and I love computer games. I usually play some game daily and I know they do. I love Pogo and usually get a year's free subscription from MyCokeRewards because I am too frugal to pay for.  Today there is a free game from Game Giveaway of the Day is called Pet Show Craze. Its not my kind of game but my oldest loves games like that. I do like time management games but just not this kind. Its a good game though and its free today only. When you download it, you have to activate it today or it won't work.  I also noticed they have a really cool computer locking program offered today on the Giveaway of the Day side of the site. Its called XUS PC Lock and it lets you create a lock for your computer that is a shape you have to draw with your mouse instead of the usual password type. Of course if you forget what shape you picked you won't be able to unlock the computer and that would be real bad :(. I don't ever lock mine but I can see this would be cool if you did have a need to lock your computer.

You will noticed I managed to get the Twitter button on my blog finally.

Here is a really inspiring story I got in my email today, that I want to share with you.


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