Monday, March 04, 2013

Losing Weight


     I did absolutely terrible  in the month of February on my diet and exercise plan. I actually gained back all that I had lost in the month of January and that was a big let down. Part of it stems from not having a car to get to the store. I had to send others to the store for me all month because I had no way there so basically my daughter just blowed our months grocery budget on junk.  Then its been so cold that there was just no way I was walking outside. If I had my car I could get to the park and at least get some exercise. I live on a very big hill and it kills my knees to walk down the hill and goodness knows I am so out of shape, I can't make it back up the hill. I tried doing some exercise routines in the house but I don't know if it was because of my fibro or what but every time I even did 5 minutes of exercise I spent the next 24-36 hours in bed in horrible pain :(. 
     I seriously need a job so I can afford to go to the doctor to see what's going on. I am hoping though now that spring surely is on the way and my car going to be fixed that I can walk. I can walk better than any other exercise, I feel. I have made my shopping list and planned a week's worth of meals already. I am just going to view this past month as a lesson learned and move forward and keep trying.   


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