Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sticky Password 6.0

    A few months ago, my cousin sent me a link for a site called Bits DuJour that offered software programs for free or reduced prices. I have gotten quite a lot of great programs from them. They offer an email newsletter that comes daily and shows whats available that day and how much it is. I won't lie, so far I have only gotten the free programs. I like free :).  Today's software is a program called Sticky Password 6.0. I read the reviews and they are mixed but mostly in favor of. Its a program that stores your passwords to log in to websites. It reminds me of that one program R****** that lets you store 10 free but then you have to pay for any more. I don't pay for software so I have only ever used the 10 free. This program (today only ) is the full version and stores unlimited passwords. It is normally $29.99 but today its FREE.  Basically you download the shareware program and they email you the registration code so you can activate it fully.


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