Friday, March 01, 2013

Mail Call


Well the mail was really good today. I got my state tax refund check so can afford the final part on my car. I also got a feather stylus I ordered from Deal Fisher. It was free and shipping was free. I heard about the deal from Hunt4Freebies back in January.


I made the Canyon Casserole I posted about yesterday. The only difference between mine and Christy's was the I put the cheese in the casserole itself instead of the cornbread and I used McCormicks' cheesy taco seasoning. We just like the taste of it better. Also I was making it from memory and didn't read her recipe before hand so I didn't cook the hamburger ahead of time. I just mixed everything in the bowl and kept mixing until it was completely mixed. Then I baked it for about 45-50 minutes. It was completely cooked.  The casserole turned out great. My oldest loved it and said she wants it again. She normally doesn't like cornbread but she said the way the juices soaked up into it was great. This will be a repeat recipe for us. Here is what it looked like when done.


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