Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Freebies, Deals and Funnies

     Thankfully we didn't get the storm they were calling for. We barely got a dusting on the ground. I am so glad. I thought I would put a few things I found online this morning.


1. Bits Dujour has another great program today. Its a photo watermark program so that people can't steal the pictures you put online. Easy Watermark Studio Pro 3.5



1 Extended!! Sam's Club Membership + + $20 gift card + $20 in food coupons ONLY $45 (Reg. $79.84)!

2. Amazon: The Hunger Games Trilogy Kindle Download – Only $5 (regularly $54)! Valid today only!


This happened in WV and shut the highway down for a while. Can you imagine the poor mom's embarrassment. Lego Spill shuts down highway.

Here is an imagine a friend of mine posted for me on Facebook today. In case you are unaware of the history behind the picture I will post the news links. I think some people are just morons is all I have to say.

1. A second grader  little boy ate around the edges of his Pop Tart and formed it into a gun shape. He got suspended for this. 

2. The morons in the district actually offer counseling for the "victims" of the gun incident.



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